Benefits of Taekwondo Practice

The martial arts were originally aimed toward self defense and the preservation of life. Today, however, people come to us from all walks of life, each with their own reasons for wanting to train at The World Martial Arts Center. Some want to learn self defense, some seek to become physically fit, some enjoy the sporting aspect of tournaments, and others just want to have fun. Whatever your reason for wanting to train and grow with us, you will find others with similar interests training at The World Martial Arts Center. We have developed proven teaching methods that will not only help you learn the art of self defense quickly and easily, but also provide a wide range of other exciting benefits for students of all ages and abilities.

Physical Benefits:

  • Improved Reflexes and Coordination
  • Increased Strength and Stamina Boost your energy so you feel great all day long!
  • Increased Flexibility & Weight Control for better overall fitness!
  • Great Cardiovascular Workout keeps you in good shape physically!

Mental Benefits:

  • Improved Concentration for better work and study habits!
  • Stress Reduction & Increased Levels of Relaxation for a longer, healthier life!
  • The Peace of Mind that comes from knowing that you are able to Protect Yourself & Your Family.
  • Increased Self Confidence & Self Discipline to develop a positive attitude toward life!

Whatever your reasons and your goals, The World Martial Arts Center can help you to become physically and mentally fit. Be the best you can be. "Start Your Training Today!"

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Benefits of Transported After School Martial Arts Program

(*Day Care Licensed in Howard County)

Our Transported After School Martial Arts Program is the answer to your child's after-school needs:

  • Trained, enthusiastic, caring staff
  • Transportation provided from local schools, even on half- days
Traditional Tae Kwon Do instruction has been proven to dramatically help improve school grades by helping children set goals, focus and discipline themselves, while building their confidence and self-esteem. We emphasize character and leadership development, especially caring and respect for others.
  • Full day program on most school days off, at no extra charge
  • Daily martial arts classes, providing your child with a character building education

On early dismissal days, and on teacher workdays, there will be extended instruction at no extra charge.

Our buses will pick the children up early. Training activities will be expanded in order make good use of the extra time. For example, there will be special lessons in what it means to be a martial artist, emphasizing the development of proper etiquette and good character (see our character education flyer) and special trainings in topics such as coordination, confidence, concentration etc. Try not to miss these days! They can be very valuable for your child's development in Taekwondo.

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Benefits of Seasonal Camp

Our Day Camp Program could be just the ticket this summer.

"Join our fun summer camp, if you want to participate in the exciting field trips each week (barring inclement weather)"

No other Day Camp offers all these benefits:

  • Discipline
  • Self-Defense
  • Physical Fitness
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • The "Yes, I Can!" Positive Mental Attitude

Drop your children off on the way to work and pick them up on the way home. (7am ~7pm)

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